Famous Facts About the Inn

  • Captain Freeman Atkins built the red Inn for his wife Emily Gross in 1805.

  • The first visitors to the site of The red Inn were the Pilgrims, aboard the Mayflower, on November 11, 1620. Captain William Bradford set foot in the new free world on the beach directly in front of The red Inn. The next day, Monday, the Pilgrims did their laundry and an American tradition began.

  • In 1915, owner Mary Wilkinson opened her home as The red Inn “as the roses began to bloom” and the Inn immediately became a welcome destination for travelers from all corners of the world.

  • President Theodore and Mrs. Roosevelt stayed in The Inn when they traveled to Provincetown to lay the cornerstone for the Provincetown Monument.

  • A small private dining room at The Inn was named after Ada Raynor, wife of Henry Hensche, who was the Artist who founded the Provincetown School of Art.

  • In 1987, Pulitzer Prize winning author Norman Mailer directed the film: Tough Guys Don’t Dance, which was based on his book of the same name. The film was shot in Provincetown with many of the scenes filmed at The red Inn. Stars of the film include Isabella Rosselini and Ryan O’Neill, both of whom (along with Mr. O’Neill’s then wife, Farrah Fawcett) frequented the Inn.